Which One is Better: Dry vs. Wet Cat Food

Which One is Better

Which One is Better: Dry vs. Wet Cat Food. There are a lot of choices when you have to choose the right cat food. Cat owners who love their cats so much have to decide between dry or wet food, pick a lot of types of taste, and other aspects.
If you are confused about which one is more working with your cat when you want to decide between dry or wet food, actually both of them are amazing options. What you need to do is to be certain the selection you pick is 100% balanced and yummy for your cats depend on his life stage and age. When several cat owners and their cats prefer one of them, the best selection is to try giving both dry and wet food for your cat.

Dry vs. Wet Food

Which One is Better
dry cat food


Dry Food

One of the popular types of dry food is dry kibble. A lot of cat owners choose this because it is convenient and affordable. It is packed in bigger bags and also has a longer expiration date no matter you just open it, since there is less than 20% for the moisture content. That is the reason the price is affordable.
You can leave it out all day for your cat since there is less risk of bacterial growth with dry food. Your cat can graze on it when you use your time doing your stuff. Your cat’s teeth will be healthier too since the crunchy kibble can also help reduce tartar and plaque. However, dry cat food maybe not easier for older cats to swallow or chew.

Which One is Better
dry cat food

Wet Food

A lot of people are also familiar with cans of wet food. But besides, in cans, you can find wet food in pouches too. Dr. Dorothy Laflamme, Purina Veterinary Nutritionist, stated that both wet foods in cans and pouches are available in small sizes that make you control the portion easier and they offer various flavors too.
There is approximately 6% or softer content in wet cat food. In order to avoid the growth of bacteria, you should not leave wet food out too long. Laflamme stated that you can leave it out for more than a half an hour to an hour.
The benefits of wet food can offer are including:

Which One is Better
wet cat foods

• helps increase total water intake
• ingredients and textures that cats love
• give interesting choices in the diet
• cats chew it easier

Even though your lovely cat seems indulgent or special when he consumes wet food, it is more than just a treat or snack. Wet food for cats contains a 100% balanced and complete diet and it can be important to your cat’s diet.

Which one is Better Between Dry or Wet Food for cats
To answer this question, we think that your cat can help you to find out whether he likes wet or dry food more. The nutritionist of Purina recommended feeding dry and wet food altogether to your cat. The aim is to make sure your cat receives a lot of moisture found in his diet from wet food. Meanwhile, dry cat food can provide a healthy dental advantage. The combination will make your cat gets interested.

Don’t be afraid to try that method since cats are necrophiliacs. It means that cats like exploring different and new things. Good luck!

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