Anything you need to Know about Wet Food for Cat

Anything you need to

Anything you need to Know about Wet Food for Cat. A lot of cat owners think that wet food is a cat’s treat since their cats like it a lot. In reality, you can feed your lovely cats more wet food in their daily life, not just a treat on a special day. So, how much-wet food your cat should consume it?

Anything you need to Know
Anything you need to Know

How much and When to Feed Your Cats with Wet Food
Your cats can consume wet food daily. You can consult with your vet or check the can for feeding recommendations. In general, adult cats in an average-sized can eat one 3-ounce can per to 2-1/ pounds of body weight daily.

Anything you need to Know
Anything you need to Know

Your vet usually will recommend feeding more or less wet food based on the weight of your car, health, another aspect at You should balance this amount based on whether you feed your cat with dry kibble too or not.

Anything you need to Know
Anything you need to Know

Any time of day will be alright to feed your cat with wet food. Keep in mind that even though that canned food is not able to sit out for more than 30 minutes to an hour because it will spoil. That’s why it is recommended to feed at a time where you can clean everything up after your cat if your cats leave the wet food untouched.
How to Store Wet Cat Food
If it takes only half a can when you ed your kitty or she doesn’t even eat every single thing whatever the food your put on the plate, you can still put them away in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 2 days, based on Purina Senior Nutritionist, Jan Dempsey. You can use the lid for canned goods too. Keep the cans that are still unopened at room temperature.

The Expiration Date of Wet Food
So, when the expiration date of wet food for your cats? Well, it depends on the product. Unopened cans will keep for approximately two years at room temperature. And the product shelf life may be different. That is why it is important to check the website manufacturer for more information.

How to Serve Wet Cat Food
A lot of cats usually like wet food at room temperature. That’s the reason why cats hate cold food sometimes. You should set the food out right after you take it from the refrigerator for around 15 minutes. Your cat will appreciate you when you rest the food to the room temperature before you serve it to your cats.
Sometimes cats also like a mix of texture. You can try mixing your cat’s dry and wet cat food. Consider adding a compliment or topper to the wet food to keep things interesting. It can add even bigger variety and your cats will be happier with her or his meals.

Those ideas are an amazing way to support your cat’s diet and treat them more especially. Keep in mind not to make your cat’s diet too much more than the total recommendation of daily calories. Do you have any experience to share with us about your cats? Don’t hesitate to send us a message. Happy meals, happy cat!

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