6 Types of Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

6 Types of Small Dog Breeds

6 Types of Small Dog Breeds For First Time Owners. Dogs are one of the most popular pets besides cats.  This is not strange, considering the cute nature of a dog and its unique body shapes.  Even babies fall in love with this cute animal wagging their tails for attention.

In addition, dogs are also known as loyal friends for their human friends.  There are also many different types of dogs that can be used as pets.  One type is small dog breeds, for sure.  Yes, choosing a breed of small dogs is actually more suitable for first time owners.

Hence, these types of small dog breeds you can have as pets because they are easier to take care of.  In addition, small dogs also don’t need too much space and feeding them is much easier too.

The following are 6 types of small dog breeds for beginners:


  1. Poodle

The first type of a small dog breed you should have as a pet is a poodle. Poodles are one of the small dog breeds that are very popular and kids just love their hyperactive characteristics. Moreover, a poodle has a coated fur that looks curly and thick.  Aside from its striking characteristics, this cute small dog is known to be very obedient, active, clever at poker deposit pulsa, and easy to train.

6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
  1. Maltese

The next small dog breed is maltese. At first glance, this dog looks similar to a poodle, but they are two different breeds. The characteristic of maltese dogs is that they have fur that looks like a doll, but is not too curly like a poodle.  Maltese are happy dogs, docile, gentle, responsive, and quite active.  Although this dog is small in size, but maltese is a brave small dog.

6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
  1. Pug

A pug is also very popular among small

dog breeds.  This is because of their characteristics having a stocky physique, round head, short snout, a pug nose, and thin ears.  Despite its small physique, you can also make pugs an excellent watchdogs.

6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
6 Types of Small Dog Breeds
  1. Chihuahua

Who doesn’t know about this type of cute little dog? Chihuahuas are also very popular as pets. You can make this dog a fun playmate.  The characteristic of a Chihuahua is that it has no fur, so that the treatment is not too difficult.  This dog is also fairly small, and they usually weigh not more than six pounds.


  1. French Bulldog

If you have the desire to keep a bulldog as a pet, but are hindered because of its known size, now you have the chance to have it. The reason is that a French Bulldog has a smaller body size than a normal bulldog. This type of cute little dog you can make as an adorable pet.  Although this dog’s face looks cocky, this dog is very friendly and easy to get along.


  1. Bichon Frise

Another very cute type of cute little dog is the Bichon Frise. This dog really looks like a doll. Many consider them similar to a poodle, even though they come from different breeds.  They have the characteristics of a tiny body with fine white fur.  If you treat and shape the fur well, the dog’s hair will look dense and expand like a cotton ball.


Out of the six, which cute small dogs would you have for your first loyal buddy?

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